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Top 10 Bullet (High Speed) Train in the World

Have you ever encountered the word bullet train? Bullet train is used to a train that is bullet shaped and can travel hundreds of miles within just a minute. As time goes by and due to the development and better technology, today’s modern high-speed train are getting faster and well developed. Can you imagine riding […]

Tips You Should Know Before Going To Travel

To prepare for a travel is not an easy thing to do that is why patience is a must when traveling so try not to be upset when things unexpectedly go wrong. Before each trip, always make a list of important items you do not want to forget. Try to learn at least some common […]

Your Guide Before Travelling in Japan

Do you love traveling? Traveling is one of the most relaxing activity we can do to unwind and to renew our mind after a stressful days/weeks from our job, or when we feel bored, unhappy or simply if we are looking for an adventure. One of the most popular tourist destination now a day is […]

Advance Transportation of Today’s Generation

My grandparents always keep on saying to us that today’s generation is better and more advanced in all aspect including transportation. Unlike them before, they used their animals as a method of transporting their goods and stuff and in most cases, they walk for couples of hours to reach their destination. With this, I can […]

The Country of Japan as a Tourist Destination

Japan is now worldly popular as one of the travel destinations in the world for its unique blend of traditional and modern culture. Temples and buildings from the past co-exist with the development of modern architecture and technology. Many people love Japan for almost all of the historical sites are being exposed for their original […]

Traveling Tips That Will Save Your Sanity

There are many wonderful places all over the world to go sight-seeing. The ability to experience people and cultures that differ from your own is exciting, but not every trip needs to be an exotic one. There are exciting adventures even near your own back yard when you learn where to look. Use the ATM […]

Benefits from Riding on a Train

Riding on a train is already common to everyone worldwide and is reliable to reach our destination enjoying the local scenery. For some with financial difficulty, they can afford cheap flights now to any destination they want compared to a renting a car or booking a plane ticket. Riding on the train is reliable and […]

Cycling for yourself, the environment and the world

Cycling is now being promoted throughout the world as a mode of transportation. The nations who supports this movement should be recognized and applauded. They are not just doing it for nothing but doing it for the better purpose of giving back to the earth. Our world is now full of different kinds of pollution […]

The Best of Tokyo You Must Visit

Tokyo, Japan is one of the world’s largest cities and best cities as well that there are so many things to do and see that you will not feel bored even if you spent your vacation coming now and then. It is one of one of the best cities in the world for food with […]

Japan Technology: Fun’iki Ambient Glass

When riding in a train, public transportation and it is crowded, it might be a little bit lazy time to check your phone all the time. There are a lot of people lazy to check their phones once they have already kept it in their bag or phone is away from them. They are lazy […]