Japan Technology: Fun’iki Ambient Glass

When riding in a train, public transportation and it is crowded, it might be a little bit lazy time to check your phone all the time. There are a lot of people lazy to check their phones once they have already kept it in their bag or phone is away from them. They are lazy to read their messages. Thanks to Japan’s high technological advancement, glasses that can read text messages without totally opening your phone, is created. The Japanese call this kind of glass, Fun’iki Ambient Glass.

How does this work? How can it be possible for glasses to read time, calls and notifications in your phone. There must be a connection between your phone and the glass. The designer of the glass of course thought of it so there is also the creation of App to link to glass. The app contains setting through which you can be free of customizing how the glass would work for you. You can always check and look out the setting whenever you desire.

On the other hand, the Fun’iki Ambient Glass contains multicolored LED lights acting as the sensor. The sensor works according to the setting that you have made on your phone. This is truly fantastic and amazing invention. This glass can work on Android and iPhones. You can check it out. It is not that expensive because it is $230 only and that is already affordable. There are millions of sales of this kind of glasses already and it is being spread out widely around the world.