Shinkansen on Japan’s Tourism


Japan is one of the most visited places in the world. Beautiful and attractive sceneries are enchanting. A lot of people love Japan. About thousands of millions of people visit Japan in a year.

Westerners who are known to have improved technology and railways were really amazed at the bullet train, named Shinkansen! Its speed is outstanding and structure is attracting. There are many places to stop in Japan itself, and you can visit them as fast as you could via the Shinkansen. Enjoy sightseeing the entire Japan while having a ride on the Shinkansen.

Ah? By the way, are you a coffee drinker? Drink coffee while riding on the Shinkansen. Believe me, it will not split over your body or down to the floor.

From Shin-Osaka to Kagoshima via Shinkansen is about three hours and 40 minutes. From Shin-Osaka to your destination, Kumamoto, is about two hours and fifty-five minutes. How long have you reach Hakata from Shin-Osaka before? Now, it is been around two hours and twenty-two minutes via Shinkansen. Spend a trip of only one hour and nineteen minutes from Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima, and a forty four minutes trip from Shin-Osaka to Okayama.

I’ve always from Shin-Osaka. Let us shift to Tokyo, known as the capital of Japan. Starting from Tokyo, a trip to Toyama is only about two hours and eight minutes by the Shinkansen. If you want to extend until Kanazawa, expect an eighteen minutes journey more. It is just a blink on the eye. From Tokyo, you can have a one-way travel to Okayama, Hiroshima and Hakata by Shinkansen. Tokyo to Hakata runs about four hours and forty-seven minutes. Tokyo to Hiroshima is about three hours and forty four minutes. And finally, Tokyo to Okayama runs about three hours and nine minutes.

Shinkansen is your partner to the places of tourism in Japan!