Technology and Services


Punctuality record. Japan railway never fails in punctuality! Shinkansen is truly a high-speed bullet train leading you to your destination on time. It is very smooth that you cannot even feel you are inside and that you already reach your destination.

Safety services. Shinkansen’s high speed does not kill. It is equipped with safe engineering and good safety precautions thus giving the best safety record. Shinkansen, Japan’s bullet train provides transportation services that assure safety first to all customers. There is a quality assurance to maintain and achieve safety. Brake system had been enhanced for an improved performance in any urgent situation.

Fairness policy. The organization aims to build a good relationship with our customers and suppliers with all sincerity and with all fairness. Any supplier or customer is given a fair basis.

Eco-friendly. Shinkansen will not be a trouble in the society. It will rather endeavor in environmental conservation development and implementation.

Technology. Since there is a big enhancement on technology, Shinkansen has improved this much from the first time it was initially built. Inside is built with power outlets. This provides much convenience to customers allowing them access their laptops or other devices with no worry to lose battery power. There is no stop of their enjoyment while having a trip with the Shinkansen. Shinkansen boasts a reliability of travel. It is resistant to any trouble. The adoption of cover-all hoods, low-noise pantograph and a double-skin body structure reduces noise of the train, both internally and externally. Also, it is systematized with the capability to manage power frequencies.