The Best of Tokyo You Must Visit

Tokyo, Japan is one of the world’s largest cities and best cities as well that there are so many things to do and see that you will not feel bored even if you spent your vacation coming now and then. It is one of one of the best cities in the world for food with their unique and awesome restaurants and delicious food to eat. One of the most common here is the Ameya, Yokocho Market where you can see almost everything you can imagine from cosmetics, big piles of clothes, jackets, giant snack stores and so on.

There is also the Meiji Shinto Shrine just a walk from the market which is one of the most known places in Tokyo as the landmark and important religious Shinto monuments in Tokyo. Sumo Stadium is also present in Tokyo, it is the Ryogoku Kokogikan Sumo Town where you can also experience the sumo feast and their dish is known as chankonabe with a stew taste and will fill your stomach with extreme satisfaction. Also you can find here this amazing environment anti pest company to serve you, see here 祥雲消毒公司. One also of the tourist attraction here in Tokyo is the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden with an impressive green house, Japanese gardens, and a traditional tea house inside the garden.

Tokyo’s most prestigious upscale district is Ginza with plenty of malls, food courts, high-end restaurants, and boutiques. Moving on, there is the Tsukiji fish market where you can buy fresh tuna auction and diversity of seafood something you did not see before in your entire life. To appreciate more about Tokyo you should find a good place with nice ambiance.