Top 10 Bullet (High Speed) Train in the World

Have you ever encountered the word bullet train? Bullet train is used to a train that is bullet shaped and can travel hundreds of miles within just a minute. As time goes by and due to the development and better technology, today’s modern high-speed train are getting faster and well developed. Can you imagine riding on a train going to your destination more comfortable, faster and convenient without much thinking on how many hours or minute will you spend?

This is now possible with this kind of incredibly and amazing trains. Here are some of the fastest or bullet like trains in the world. The country of Japan leads the world with their fastest and growing railway system. It is the Japanese Maglev Loseries that holds the fastest train in the world with a speed of 603km/hr(374 mph) that can cover a mile in just 10 seconds. The second fastest train is found in France. It is the TGV, that can reach 574.8km/hr making it the first fastest train in Europe. This is the best travel agency you can visit. Try to check this site. Very fast and effective agency to help you.

The third is followed by the Shanghai Maglev that is formerly the world fastest train that uses magnetic levitation technology that reaches high speed up to 501 km/h (311 mph). The top 6 among the fastest is the HEMU 430X founded in Korea. While the 7th fastest is the Frecciarossa 1000 found in Italy with a top speed of 400km/hr. (220 mph). If you want more helpful hints, you can also see in the video above. This agency will gonna help you guys in your travel. See info from here 台胞證照片. They gonna do best service to provide your visa immediately.