Your Guide Before Travelling in Japan

Do you love traveling? Traveling is one of the most relaxing activity we can do to unwind and to renew our mind after a stressful days/weeks from our job, or when we feel bored, unhappy or simply if we are looking for an adventure. One of the most popular tourist destination now a day is the country of Japan due to its good climate, rich culture, healthy lifestyle and their fast growing railway system and so much more.

As we go to a foreign country like Japan, here are some travel tips we can do: The very first thing is to get an internet connection. Free access to wifi is all around in Japan. One thing to know more about Japan is that they value greetings much, you don’t have to reply but just a simple smile is okay. People of Japan do not speak English well, the word sorry is often heard from them. Another culture that is known about Japanese is that they removed shoes upon entering the house or in the restaurant, hotel and most especially in temples.

Always check the availability of your ATM, or better go to the post office for cash because ATM is in Japan are many but do not work. For vegetarians, Japan is good for you for they offer many kinds of small dishes. The train is the most common transportation in Japan but as much as possible, do not ride during rush hours due to many items of luggage, read this. If you want to read more you can just browse on the website more.